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FAQs - What Your Massage Therapist Really Thinks

Ever wonder if the silence is awkward, or your armpits stink, or if you should go commando? Here's how your Massage Therapist feels about the things you may or may not be concerned about.


Sometimes you want to chat, sometimes you don't. Some of you prefer complete silence, others use your Massage Therapist as a Psychologist (maybe we should charge more? jk!). I hear from a lot of my clients that they feel "bad" if they don't talk, and some think I must be tired of hearing people talk all day. I'm here to tell you that it's YOUR massage, and YOU get to choose how you spend it. Throughout the years I've learned how to build relationships with clients that don't want to talk to me. I give myself a 2 minute window to get as much information from them as possible, which includes walking down the hallway to my office. I can get a sense for those that want to talk and don't want to talk, but I respect and enjoy either or. I enjoy silence, and I enjoy getting to know you - so you choose how you want to spend your time.

Going Commando.

My career is as professional as it can get when it comes to touching people, unclothed. Whether you leave your underwear on or not is up to you. Typically I tell my clients to leave their underwear on because it's easier to tuck the sheets in place for a secure draping, but if you're looking for a glute and hip massage, your Massage Therapist will need full access to the muscles. Another factor to consider for male clients is how long your boxers are - it's difficult to massage the hamstrings if your boxers are longer. So, although it's completely up to you, consider the areas you want treated during your massage and decide from there. If you're more comfortable with or without, I'm equally as comfortable.


"You didn't shave your legs?!" said no Massage Therapist ever. In fact, your hair follicle can be irritated if you shave before a massage, and the oil from the massage will soften the hair, making it easier to shave afterwards. I'm not telling you not to shave, and I'm not telling you to shave. I'm telling you to embrace your body and love yourself and please, PLEASE know that I'm not judging a single hair on your body.

*Men*, this goes for you too - back hair is 100% natural.

Sneezes & Sniffles.

Out of respect for your Massage Therapist and any clients they have in their treatment room after you, please try your best to reschedule your appointment if you have any symptoms of a cough or cold. Your Massage Therapist doesn't have "sick days", so it's out of our pocket when we have to call in sick or cancel clients because we've caught something from another client. Chances are, your Massage Therapist will not be coughing and sneezing all over you, so please return the courtesy. I understand that the flu can come on quick, and I will always do my best to reschedule your appointment without a cancelling fee.


There are so many things I can think of that have come up for me throughout the years, but here are a few quick tips and FYI's that I think most Massage Therapist's want you to know.

- Please remove all jewelry, watches, etc. We don't want to ruin them with oil, and necklaces are especially difficult to work around without us feeling like we're strangling you.

- If you move your hand and accidentally touch us, or we brush up against your hand, don't apologize. We're literally touching your entire body and are standing within close proximity. Human touch is very normal for us!

- Please put your hair in a pony tail. Your Massage Therapist's hands and arms are covered in oil, and every strand of hair will stick to us as we go. If you forget a hair elastic, just ask!

- Try to avoid asking for something specific once your Massage Therapist has started treatment, such as foot massage, face massage, etc. We go into each treatment with a plan in mind, and time management is an acquired skill. If we have 10 minutes left and you've asked for a foot massage, you may have to choose to sacrifice whatever else your therapist has left to work on (hence why I've added a $5, 5 minute foot massage to my services)

- As flip flop season approaches, consider the cleanliness of your feet if you are requesting a foot massage from your Massage Therapist. I think this just speaks for itself!

- PLEASE let us know if the pressure is too much or if you would like more. Your Massage Therapist should be checking in throughout, but we don't want to keep disturbing you. The last thing we want is for you to talk about your treatment with someone and say "she could've gone deeper" or "I was basically crying". Most Massage Therapists can tell based on breathing and muscle tension, but we really don't know unless you tell us!

As a Massage Therapist, we've seen it all - every body shape, size, and flaw. It takes a special kind of person to do what we do, but always remember that we love providing a healing touch to your self care regime, and we absolutely love helping you "fall in love with taking care of yourself"

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