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Essential Oils Are For Men, Too!

Make no mistake, fellas! We get it, not every guy wants to smell like Lavender and Rose - we're here for it if you do, though! Everyone has a preference, but many men prefer woodsy, earthy aromas over florals.

Essential Oils can play an important role for unruly facial hair, dry/itchy scalp, sore muscles, and even the funky smell coming from your shoes that you probably never wash. Here's my top list for all the dudes out there

1. Peppermint, known for it's anti-inflammatory effects on sore muscles, relieving headaches, and compromising with your wife on what to put in the diffuser.

- Add 4 drops to any carrier oil and rub it into your muscles for a cooling, post leg-day massage just like Arnold Schwarzenegger probably does. Same same, right?

- Diffuse with Cinnamon for a cozy blend that will make cuddling with your wife in front of the Christmas tree more tolerable

- Blend 1-2 drops with carrier oil and massage into your temples to help relieve stress headaches brought on by work, your to-do list, your wife, your kids..

2. Sandalwood, known for it's woodsy aroma that's warm, soft, and masculine.

- Mix a few drops with your shampoo or conditioner to help relieve dry/itchy scalp. It's also been said to help with hair loss, which doesn't hurt.

- Are you a bath guy? You should be. Add 3-5 drops a 1/4C Epsom Salts to your bath water, but make sure to keep the door locked - you'll soon know what it feels like to be your wife when you can't have 30 minutes of peace and relaxation without someone opening the bathroom door 800 times.

- Diffuse it on it's on in your office or car and you'll feel like a trendy hipster lumberjack in no time

3. Ginger will help you digest your food and keep you awake

- Rub a few drops with carrier oil on your stomach to help indigestion. Maybe you won't gas your family out of the house

- It should be a necessity for men to carry air freshener spray with them whenever they go to the washroom, so mix yourself up a little bottle with 1C water, 2 TBSP witch hazel (or vodka), 20 drops of Ginger and 10 drops of Lemon.

- Diffuse it on it's own in the car to help energize you for a busy work day and keep your kids awake for the entire 12 hour drive.

Last but not least, y'all smell fabulous - but let's keep the chemicals out of all of our noses with this blend that will leave you smelling like what I imagine Matthew McConaughey smells like..

- 8 drops Bergamot

- 6 drops Patchouli

- 3 drops Cedarwood

- 3 drops Cardamom

- 2 drops Sandalwood

Add to a 10ml roller bottle and fill with carrier oil of choice. Can be used on wrists, behind the ear, neck, and collarbones.